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mia - no longer

I know I have been MIA for far too long! I have been so busy with my family, getting ready for this and that. But I have time now, and lots of it. So expect updates and read read read. Lol.

The military is sending my dad somewhere new in 5 months. We believe we are being transfered to Germany. I think I am going to go to a university in Germany and do all my prerequisites. Then I will return to America and go to Austin Peays University for their nursing program. I am going to apply for my financial aid today, although I wont need it in Germany, because the military will pay. If we end up staying in the states they may pay, I'm not sure. So I am going to apply, and then I will figure it all out. I was thinking of starting this fall but it's coming up and I'm not ready yet...I had to much shit going on.

My birthday Is in 3 days and I'm so excited. Lol. I don't know why. I got a MacBook Pro, the white one. I love it. It's an awesome computer. I am so used to windows though, so I am having a hard time figuring out this and that, but I've got the basics down. Heh. That's all for now.

If anyone wants to hit me up feel free ;] aol (studly temper) or yahoo (irocktehbeat)

quran quran tell me your secrets

I remember the first time I washed myself up and had my godmother teach me how to appropriately wear a hijab. Being seven I was so eager to learn how to be a litte more like Loli. On my way to following in the footsteps of such an amazingly beautiful woman.. My godparents were both devout muslims, and I think that’s where my interest  in different religions, and different races really began. Everytime my godparents came over I would run and wash up my feet and hands, grab my hijab and ask if we could pray.  Ever since then I have read many books and tried to increase my knowledge of this and quite a few other religions and cultures. Anw, the whole point of this entry was to tell you guys i bought a new Quran. It’s absolutely beautiful. The cover is hot, and the cover pages are awesome. I bought one for my dad to - ever since his first tour in iraq he has been into learning to read and write and speak and all that good shush….baby is literally screaming so im going to cut it short! I shall finish later =]
If you haven't noticed, I've deleted you off my lsit, ALL OF YOU. Except Asia, Vee, Brittney and my Princess. Basically I haven't been on in a minute, and these are the only journals i've kept up with while i've been away. If you still want to read my journal, comment and let me know. ;] thank you.

attention! column left....MARCH!

Daddy's girl paces, listening to Sgt. Wardox give the news. We just got transferred,  this is bullshit. They said he wasn't going. Less than a fucking month to prepare!? Still, he didn't complain. Took it in stride, stayed calm and understanding. Alexander will be a year old when he gets home. Jade will be six. Everyone tried hard not to acknowledge that he was leaving. Still, this morning when the time came to drive to base - everyone felt it. Upbeat, all smiles and "i love yous" - our hearts were feeling the weight of the changes soon to come. He looked so strong. So ready. I helped him take everything out of the car, unload it next to all of the other soldiers belongings. I got to hold his gun, it was so heavy. I felt like a little kid holding that gun, so big and so full of power. It felt like we waited for hours, still that wasn't long enough. The bus came too soon. Daddy looked ready, he looked ready. I knew he wasn't. I could tell the way he held my moms hand just a little longer. He looked so strong, so confident. Ready for war. I knew better. Knew when he hugged me, held me a little tighter. Knew by the way he kissed my forehead, like it was the last time he'd have the chance. I tried hard to fight the tears. Felt my eyes water, felt the heat roll over my face. I tried hard to look a little strong for my mom, for my sisters. I knew what would happen if one of us started to cry. He turned his head, looked towards the bus. Tried to be strong for me. I wiped his quiet tears without a word. Told him he'd be home before he knew it. We all know sometimes a lie can ease the pain. Not when no one believes it.

Bush, i'ld like to see your assassination.  I'll buy first row tickets.... 

lost my old ipod. ;\ and i want a new one, i just don't have the money to go spend $300/$400 on one, at this moment. so i'm doing the refferals as well...

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you help me, i help you. thank you ♥

Jan. 1st, 2003

no need for a long bio, that's why you read my journal eh?

im a bitch. i love people to hate me. im a princess. im very much inlove. im single. i am captian save-a-homo aka dora [the explorer] im a nerd. im loved. and im a 3.6 gpa student. now,

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